IPv4 Prefix from /32 up to /26 - NO BGP

Get up to 64 ip wan routed via tunnel or on your servperso VMs without the need for BGP or AS.

Available on all our POPs in high availability.

Delivered via tunnel / VM

  • Tunnel PPTP / L2TP
  • Avaliable on any Servperso VM
  • Suitable for CGNAT and dynamic ip
  • Easy to configure on Mikrotik
  • Now avaliable from all our POP !

Extra prefix size

  • 1 fixed Ipv4 included
  • IPv6: /56 (256 /64) included on demand
  • IPv4: /32 - /26 (64 ip) option
  • Reverse DNS
  • Custom RIPE ORG / GEO

NO Need of BGP

You don't want to invest in renting a / 24 or getting an AS. You can simply opt for a smaller number of IPs to host your services

Typical deployment

High availability deployment

IP Wan tunnel


6 €*

/ month

  • 1Gbps upstream (FUP)
  • 1 public fixed IPv4
  • /56 routed IPv6

Extra ip block

From 1 to 64 IPv4

  • /32 - 1 ip - 2€*/m
  • /31 - 2 ip - 4€*/m
  • /30 - 4 ip - 6€*/m
  • /29 - 8 ip - 12€*/m
  • /28 - 16 ip - 24€*/m
  • /27 - 32 ip - 40€*/m
  • /26 - 64 ip - 70€*/m

Our network relies on the following partners

LocIX Local Internet Exchange    Speed-IX Internet Exchange    eVIX Extended Virtual Internet Exchange
   DeCix Internet Exchange Serverius datacenter    MyLoc Managed IT AG

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* = All our prices are exclusive of VAT, you must apply 21% Belgian VAT if you are an individual based in the EU.

FUP = We have a fair bandwidth usage policy to prevent any single user from saturating our upstreams, which range from 1G to 10G, ensuring a quality experience for all users of our VPS / IP tunnel / BGP services, with progressive throttling measures in case of excessive usage.We define excessive usage as consistently or repeatedly saturating our upstreams, particularly during peak hours.

BGP announcements are reserved for use by a maximum of 2 downstream asns (non commercial use). For resale of transit-ip contact us for a price.

Usage for purposes such as spamming, mass emailing, scraping, proxy, port scan, unahtorized security testing or seedbox is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate suspension without refund. However, hosting emails and requesting personalized reverse is allowed as long as it remains within reasonable usage.