AS34872 Network

Some information about our network

Network ressources

  • AS34872
  • 2a0c:b640::/32

Peering policy

We have an open peering policy. If you wish to peer with us, just send an e-mail on noc (AT) servperso (dot) net.



Our network

Our network relies on several POPs present in Europe. We build our network using various datacenters and maintain our own network equipment

  • Redundant network gear
  • Systematic double power supply
  • Minimum of 200 kVA per UPS device
  • Generators with initial autonomy of 48 hours
  • Support technicians on site 24/7

Our network relies on the following partners

LocIX Local Internet Exchange    Speed-IX Internet Exchange    eVIX Extended Virtual Internet Exchange
   DeCix Internet Exchange Serverius datacenter    MyLoc Managed IT AG

Looking for help or an offer ?

Do not be afraid, contact us even if you are a beginner, we help everyone ;)

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