AS34872 Network

Our network is built on a 'micro pop' architecture, prioritizing redundancy and local connectivity. Each site operates independently, ensuring seamless performance and local access. Our infrastructure is meticulously crafted to equip you with everything needed to establish your network or autonomous system (AS).

Micro POP

Each location operates independently and routes its traffic locally. A local outage will not affect our other POPs.

BGP Session & IXP

We offer BGP sessions with a full table at all our POPs. Where possible, we also provide direct connections to partner IXPs such as LocIX.

We own our ressources

Dusseldorf, Germany

Our Dusseldorf POP is housed within the facilities of MyLoc / WIIT and is less than 4ms away from Frankfurt. Strategically located, it serves Germany efficiently and provides access to LocIX

  • Core speed: 10G
  • IXP: LocIX, DE-CIX, BGP.Exchange
  • BGP: Full view
  • View smokeping
  • Ping V4 / V6: # ping

Apeldoorn (nearby amsterdam), Netherlands

Our POP, located in the Netherlands in the city of Apeldoorn, is less than 4ms away from Amsterdam, which serves as a central point in internet routing across Europe.

  • Core speed: 10G
  • IXP: LocIX, Speed-IX
  • BGP: Full view
  • View smokeping
  • Ping V4 / V6: # ping


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Our network relies on the following partners

LocIX Local Internet Exchange    Speed-IX Internet Exchange    eVIX Extended Virtual Internet Exchange
   DeCix Internet Exchange Serverius datacenter    MyLoc Managed IT AG