Asn registration process

This page describes in detail the process of obtaining an AS.
Any incomplete request will be refused

Collection of documents and information

Review of the request

Signature of a sponsorship agreement


Allocation of a / 44 and sending the request to RIPE

Idenfy ID document validation

Exchange with RIPE until the response is received.

ASN Delivery

The process can take an average of a full week.

Technical prerequisite to obtain an AS


To apply for an AS in the RIPE NCC region, you must justify having at least 2 upstream (transit operators). You will need to provide the 2 AS numbers as well as the linked contact emails.

If you are looking for “VM” or “GRE tunnel with BGP” type services, we can provide this service to you via our offers. Our VM offers have a "dual transit" option. You no longer have to look for other bgp provider. If you go through our services, the subscription must be maintained for one year, failing which, the sponsorship may be canceled.

Giving the upstream of your upstream is not valid, your future AS must have a direct connection with all the upstream. Single homed asn is automatically rejected.
The RIPE is will likely contact your upstreams via e-mail to verify that there is indeed a transit relationship between you and the operator concerned.

An IP prefix to announce

All of our ASNs come with a / 44 IPv6. This point is therefore automatically validated.

Have active elements in the RIPE area

Your AS must be used in the area covered by the RIPE NCC at least. These are mainly Europe and Russia (full list here).

Your legal entity is located in the RIPE NCC zone ?

In this case, no additional proof required.

Your legal entity is outside the RIPE NCC zone ?

In this case, we will have to technically detail your presence in the ripe area. For this, we require you order a vm from our service. Vm ordered from us have to be active during the whole asn lifetime or we have to terminate the sponsoring agrement.

RIPE database requirements


To submit your request, we will need your maintainer. The maintainer object is used to give you rights to objects such as AS or IP. If you don't have one, here is the process to create one:
1) Creation of a RIPE NCC account (if you have one, log in)
2) Creation of the maintainer object
3) Finally, just give the maintainer id to create.

ORG (optional)

If you already have an ORG item, you can provide it to us.
However you must put SERVPERSO-MNT in "mnt-by" (not in mnt-ref).
Without this parameter we will not be able to use your object and create a new one.

Legal documents required

Do not send any documents by email ! Depending on the type of request, we will send you either an Idenfy link or a ticket link to proceed with sending the documents.
Identity documents will be analyzed by Idenfy and validated using an AI. Any false document will therefore be detected very effectively.

ID document

Submit a valid document

  • No scan, photo only
  • 2 photos (with and without flash) of each side of the document
  • We need to see the edges of the entire document, no cropped document
  • No mask, we do not allow masking of certain parts such as MRZ tape or ID number.
  • Photos in high quality (low compression, zoom possible).

Accepted documents

  • National ID document
  • International passport
  • Driver licence

Under 18 years old ?

You must also send us a copy of the identity document of a responsible person (a parent / legal guardian / ...) as well as a letter of authorization.
This person will also have to sign the sponsorship agreement.

Legal company registration papers (if applicable)

  • Official document justifying the registration of the company which also includes the name of the manager of the company
  • A link (government site) to confirm the existence of the company by its number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Retention policy for identity documents

We keep your documents for the duration of the sponsorship in a "cold storage" in order to identify you throughout the life of the sponsorship.

What payment method do you have

Paypal or SEPA (eu) bank transfer. Details will be included on the final invoice.

What is the payment term

The first invoice must be paid within 5 days to avoid cancellation of the service. The others are to be paid within 10 working days..

Can I register an AS if I am a minor

You must also send us a copy of the identity document of a responsible person (a parent / legal guardian / ...) as well as a letter of authorization.
This person will also have to sign the sponsorship agreement.

Can I use my AS with ranges from another LIR

Yes, just create a route / route6 object. The AS is not linked to the issuing LIR except for "sponsorship". It is therefore possible to use an AS obtained from SERVPERSO with an IP block obtained elsewhere

Can I change my upstreams after the delivery of the AS

Yes, all you have to do is edit the ASN object in the RIPE database. However, you must ensure that you have at least two to stay in good standing with the RIPE NCC policy.

The requirements set out in this page must remain valid throughout the validity of the sponsorship. In case of failure, we reserve the right to cancel it within 30 days following a single email warning.