Server management

We can manage your physical and virtual servers for a fixed price per month.

NOC service

Our NOC team can design and maintain your BGP networks regardless of the purpose (host, ISP, ...)

Datacenter work

Our team can manage racks and hardware for you in certain datacenters such as MyLoc.

Security audit

Our team can also carry out security audits of your networks (host, ISP, ...).


Our NOC team monitors your servers to prevent potential outages.

Server management

Our NOC team can manage physical or virtual servers for you.
We define together from the start the services that will need to be deployed and will configure them.
Once the work is estimated, we will give you an offer which includes a server installation fee and a monthly cost for supervision.
It is also possible to host your server in our infrastructure

Maintenance and monitoring

During the life of your service, we monitor your server.
This goes through updates, but also by monitoring it.
Monitoring will allow us to follow the ramp-up of your activity in order to better manage the evolution of your infrastructure while anticipating certain breakdowns
We will also deploy a reliable and secure backup strategy to quickly put your service back online.

Server management

Setup / update / monitoring

/ hour for setup
+ fixed monthly rate

  • Initial setup
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Backup strategy

NOC & Datacenter

On datacenter or remote

/ hour
60 c€* / km

  • Initial setup
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance

Network Operation Center

Our NOC team can help you design and build your network infrastructure.
We reflect together on your connectivity and server needs in order to create a tailor-made solution.
Our teams can then supervise your networks throughout its life.

Datacenter work

We can also go to the datacenters of your choice (Belgium / Germany / Netherlands / France) to configure and install your hardware.
Some agreements with data centers such as MyLoc allow us to benefit from certain cost advantages as a business provider.

Network security audit

With past experience for many customers such as national ISPs, we can carry out security missions on your infrastructures.

The first step is to understand your architecture, analyze your configurations.
Then, we will analyze the possibilities that could introduce weaknesses both on the network aspect and on the configuration aspect of the different services making up your network.
Finally, our mission will end with the writing of a report containing our findings and recommendations.

Obviously, we can carry out this type of mission in all discretion.

Security audit

Network security auditing

/ hour

* = All our prices are exclusive of VAT, you must apply 21% Belgian VAT if you are an individual based in the EU.

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