ASN + IPV6 / 44 bundle for 60€ first year, then 30€ / year

BGP VM Without your own ASN too !

You only have an ip block, announce it via our own network with a private AS number and without managing a full table

IXP & BGP Transit VMs

VMs with BGP and IX transit from 10 € / month
Netherlands or Dusseldorf, IX: LocIX, DeCIX, ECIX

The operator who helps you operate your network

AS34872 was created to allow small hosting provider to become independant by operating their own network regardless of the budget.

Multiple locations

We have several POPs across Europe in order to deliver various services such as IP transit, VMs, colocation or even a connection to IXPs.

Secure BGP

We deploy our BGP network while respecting security standards. This allows our members to not destabilizing our network by misconfiguring their router.

IXP Friendly

We are also deploying IXPs on our POPs through LocIX. LocIX is a "non profit" project that we support. We are also trying to provide accesses on other IXPs.

Our network relies on the following partners

LocIX Local Internet Exchange    Speed-IX Internet Exchange    eVIX Extended Virtual Internet Exchange
   DeCix Internet Exchange Serverius datacenter    MyLoc Managed IT AG

Looking for help or an offer ?

Do not be afraid, contact us even if you are a beginner, we help everyone ;)

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